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AGE AIN'T NOTHING, Coming Soon. See more at YettaYvette.com

Adapted from the autobiographical novel of the same title by author Yetta Yvette, "Age Ain't Nothin but a Number", is a true retelling of romance, drama, and heartbreak. This powerful love story proves that we never know who we'll fall in love with, even if it's taboo, and how true love can change your life forever! This inspiring truth that you should NEVER give up on life and love is told faithfully and lovingly through Yetta's ruminations.

A Sexual, Coming soon. See more at ASexual.com

Holly and Lyle have enjoyed forty years of a happy loyal marriage. Sure, their daughter may not be their biggest fan and they haven't been to Paris but it's been a good life and a great partnership. Now that Holly's days are numbered, is there an adventure she's been missing out on? Will Lyle support her in seeking it out? 

BURNING GIRL, Coming soon. See more at BurningGirlMovie.com

When the sheltered & goody-two-shoes Allie gets dumped by Andrew, her fiance of 3 years, her whole world and 10 year plan is turned upside down. Unable to move on with her life, her best friends burst Allie’s entire worldview and previous bubble by tricking her into going to the biggest and craziest festival of the year... Allie learns through trial by fire, that by taking risks, getting wild, and stepping out of her comfort zone, she might just discover who she really is.   

@lil_mermaid, Coming soon. See more at lilmermaidmovie.com

The beloved fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson, as seen on Instagram.


After trading her Instagram account to a competing pop star, social media princess Cyrene King has one weekend to win the heart of an indie rock musician, or risk losing her 200mil followers forever.

Cyrene King, the world's most famous Instagram influencer, and youngest daughter of a popular reality television family, wants nothing more than to just be a normal girl. Her momager has different plans however, and after discovering Cyrene's secret singing talent, is about to cash in and rebrand her as the next big pop star. Who said their family had no talent? 

Days before they plan to drop her single and crash the Grammy's red carpet, Cyrene falls hopelessly in love with a disillusioned musician holed up in an exclusive hotel. After learning about his aversion to all things celebrity, she strikes a deal with a competing pop star to spend a weekend at the Calypso, undercover, in hopes of winning his affection. The price: her Instagram account. Is it true love, or is her naive heart being set up?

Strung Out is a comedy/murder mystery about grown women behaving badly. Competitive tennis is the vehicle for this darkly hilarious film and a bougie Country Club is the setting.​


A shady tennis pro, unhinged tennis girls, a beat cop, a small-town newspaper, and a counterfeit drug ring all orbit Charlie, a single mom who’s barely hanging on. When her rival team's number one singles player dies suddenly under suspicious circumstances, Charlie's accused of the murder, and things get serious, and funny. 


Take equal parts Bad Moms, Bridesmaids and Big Little Lies, add salt, crushed dreams, a handful of pills, a couple gashes of murder, and this comedy serves an ace. Strung Out was most recently compared to HBO's The Flight Attendant. 

Strung OutComing soon. See more at strungoutmovie.com

The Teen Age, Coming soon. See more at RhettAndBurke.com

In an attempt to save his business from financial ruin, the owner of a residential treatment home for teens must track down a troubled boy who has gone AWOL.

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