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How To Get Cast!



See what “the other side” sees on Actor’s Access and Breakdown Express when you submit to a project. 

Learn why certain actors shine and why other actors never get called in. 

Learn how to make your submission stand out. 

A great headshot, a powerful reel, self-tapes, and a polished resume are only the beginning to get noticed and receive an audition, yet alone the part.

Do you really know your specific type? Your strengths? Your weaknesses? 


Let’s get to the root of any issues you may be facing. My goal is to inspire you to see and accept the truth, while supplying you with all of the insider information that I’ve acquired, to put your best foot forward and inevitably get you booked!


Why are you not being cast?


This seminar will maximize your chances of being seen, and give you your best shot at booking roles, even when there are a few thousand submissions per role. 


In addition to invaluable career advice, within one week before or after the seminar, depending on when you sign up, Rob Margolies will provide you with personal and priceless feedback on your reel or any self-tape. 


You may want to have your own express breakdown when you realize how much competition there is, but with our rare tips and techniques in mind, you will confidently keep your hope afloat in this tough business.


Rob brings decades of casting and directing experience to this intensive seminar and loves working with seasoned actors as well as those just starting off.

Seminar Price

*Please submit your self-tape or reel to as soon as you register!

The room will be open 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to start. Please try to arrive at least 10 MINUTES before your event begins as your host will give important information about the seminar and upcoming events at this time. 


Instructions and the ZOOM link for access to this online event will be emailed to you in advance.

If you have not received the link by one hour before the event, please reach out to


If you have an emergency for a class you are participating in outside of these hours, please email us 


**No recording of any kind is permitted by participants during class.**


**Please keep in mind that all Seminars are for educational and professional development purposes. Participating in any class or event is not a promise of employment. 

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